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Luxury Layaway Program


- Any order that includes a design priced over $500 qualifies for Luxury Layaway. 

- A deposit equal to 33% of the order total is required to begin the layaway program.

- The remaining balance may be paid in with multiple weekly installments, or in one lump sum payment. 

-The entire balance must be paid in full before order delivery or pick-up.

- The layaway agreement is for a maximum of 90 days. If the full balance is not paid by the 91st day, the merchandise will be returned to the general inventory.

- There is NO FEE added for utilizing the Luxury Layaway Program.

- Deposits will retain their in-store value for an additional 90 days after the Layaway term has ended, but are not refundable for cash.

- Simply add your items to the cart and enter the code LAYAWAY at checkout.

- Shipping occurs within 36 hours of construction completion, or receipt of the final payment (whichever occurs last).

Additonal Questions? Please email